Alumni Network


It is not four years at Notre Dame, it is a lifetime.  Earning a Notre Dame degree is not only a recognition of the hard work and dedication you put forth over your four years here, but also a symbol of all of the opportunities for success that lie in your future. The hundreds of employers that visit Notre Dame return year after year because of the great examples of leadership, solid work ethic and compassion that they see in those they hire from Notre Dame.  Graduate schools also recognize what it takes to graduate from Notre Dame and the growth you experience in all the facets of your life while a student here.  That is why there is a true power in the Notre Dame degree. 

Graduating from Notre Dame makes you a member of the largest alumni network in the world with 270 Alumni Clubs including 53 of those internationally.  Not only does involvement in your local alumni club keep you in touch with old friends from your class, it also provides you a network of other Notre Dame graduates that can help you professionally as well as personally.  Wherever the future may lead you, there will undoubtedly be another Notre Dame graduate nearby, willing to help you get on your feet in whatever way possible.

ND Alumni Network